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Hydration is a big part of an active lifestyle!

Whether dealing with temporal or permanent limitations, staying hydrated throughout daily activities can often be challenging. 

But now, with Pocketstream, hydration does not have to be a hurdle anymore!  The Pocketstream offers a novel approach to enjoying drinks through a straw without the need for traditional sucking.

Discover how Pocketstream revolutionizes hydration for everyone. 

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Hydration made easier

close up of the pocketstream switch

Hydration has never been more accessible. Discover unparalleled convenience with Agape’s innovative active drinking system. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional suction-based hydration methods. With a simple button push, savor your refreshing beverage as it transforms your ordinary cup into a personal fountain. Thanks to the visionary minds of the Agape team.

black, blue, pink and white pocketstream with matching cups and silicon straw tips

Experience the versatile simplicity of the Pocketstream. With its sleek and efficient design,  POCKETSTREAM smoothly adjusts to your needs. Adapt to your preferences, enjoy your beverage through a straw without the need to suck, and relish the convenience and pleasure it brings to every sip.

a black, blue, pink and white pocketstream lid plus matching cups

Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with the Pocketstream. Elevate your look and enhance your lifestyle with its revolutionary design that feels good and ensures you look your best. Choose from our palette of four sophisticated colors to tailor your Pocketstream and express your individuality, ensuring that it reflects your unique style.

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