Elevate your hydration experience
at the push of a button

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About Us

Easier, healthier

Here at AGAPE MED, we care !

Hydration is a task often overlooked by many, but it doesn’t make it less essential !

Disabilities, whether temporal or permanent, can present an obstacle to a healthy and pleasant hydration, not to mention daily activities and fitness.

It doesn’t have to anymore ! 

The POCKETSTREAM changes that.


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Hydration made easier

A close up of the smart lid's power button. The lid is screwed on top of a 30oz tumbler stainless steel cup. A blue LED ring shines on the power button.

Hydration has never been easier. The visionary minds of our team at  AGAPE MED have come up with an active system that cancels any effort previously deemed “necessary” for hydration and leaves you with only the pleasure and comfort of a refreshing drink at the push of a button, turning your regular cup into a personal fountain.


Three of the fully mounted pocketsreams are shown sporting different types of straws and colors to demonstrate adaptability and customisability. One has a short straw, and the others have long bendable straws. One with a bite nozzle on the end.

With a great variety of accessories, the POCKETSTREAM will adapt to your needs. From wheelchair clamps to bendable straws and remotes. Whatever the challenge is the POCKETSTREAM will adapt. 

A display of the full pocketstream color catalog.

With a revolutionary blend of style and practicality, the POCKETSTREAM not only makes you feel good but makes you look good. With choices in colors to complement the smooth design you can make the POCKETSTREAM your own.

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