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Assistance On the mind

The POCKETSTREAM was made with assistance mind. The multitude of accessories planned clearly emphasize that. Chair clamps, long, short, bendable, rigid straws to allow for maximum adaptability. Wired remote controls for distant activation are also to be expected. Everything is designed, for an outstanding “handsfree” drinking experience !

If it can be helped, we will try.

It is to be noted that the images are in no way limiting or fully representative of the real products.

A close up of the smart lid's power button. The lid is screwed on top of a 30oz tumbler stainless steel cup. A blue LED ring shines on the power button.

Easy life, happier life

An easy life is usually a happier one. This is why the POCKETSTREAM is designed to procure the easiest hydration experience on the market. 

At the push of a button experience a personal drinking fountain. The liquid is pushed out of the cup directly into the user’s mouth cancelling any suction previously deemed necessary. This is compatible with any type of liquid save for “heavy Liquids”. Sodas, coffee, tea, juices and of course water work brilliantly with the POCKETSTREAM. In addition, the stainless-steel cup provides the user with the comfort of optimal thermal conservation. 

Once set up only the actuation of the button is necessary to enjoy an effortless, hands-free hydration experience.

Three of the fully mounted pocketsreams are shown sporting different types of straws and colors to demonstrate adaptability and customisability. One has a short straw, and the others have long bendable straws. One with a bite nozzle on the end.

Independence and Individuality

Assistive technologies usually push “attractive design” at the very bottom of the list in favour of practicality. However, we believe that these two can come hand in hand and work together to create an awesome product such as this one. 

A blend of practicality, design and colours to bring you a product that you will enjoy using and looking at. 

Help doesn’t have to sacrifice fun, good looks and personal preferences !

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