Who's It for ?

The POCKETSTREAM is for you
and all your activities !

Our Mission

Hydration can be taken for granted however it isn’t quite that easy for many people.

Great news for individuals with disabilities, seniors, or anyone facing challenges with mobility! The Pocketstream is specifically crafted to make hydration easier and more accessible. With its hands-free option, say goodbye to difficulties reaching, holding, or carrying water or any other liquid to your mouth. Our product is here to help. 

If you are not directly involved but are assisting these wonderful individuals, you can also find relief with Pocketstream. It frees up your time to focus on tasks needing more attention. 

We  believe in the importance of FITNESS for a vibrant life. Stay ahead of the game with Pocketstream, your ultimate hydration companion! Perfect for athletes on the move, it ensures rapid hydration during workouts or sports activities. Embrace the fitness lifestyle with ease and fun for all involved!

We are here to make staying hydrated feel like a treat for everyone, turning this important task into something enjoyable!

If you feel like talking to us to know more, then please do so !