Who's It for ?

The POCKETSTREAM is for you
and all your activities !

Our Mission

Hydration can be taken for granted however it isn’t quite that easy for many people.

People with disabilities, seniors, bedridden or any with difficulty reaching, holding or carrying water to their mouth will be pleased to know we have something made for them. 

If it isn’t your case but you are involved in assistance to such beautiful individuals, you may also rejoice as the POCKETSTREAM also can create a relief in assistance and allow you to focus on other tasks that might require more attention at the moment. 

We also believe FITNESS is an important part of a healthy life. The POCKESTREAM fits that lifestyle too.  It makes life easier and more fun for everyone involved !

We want to help and make the vital task hydration less of a chore but a pleasure again for EVERYONE!

If you feel like talking to us to know more, then please do so !