About Us

A new way of living on the mind.

A family dinner starts a revolution

From an idea at the family table to a full fledged patented product, the POCKETSTREAM has gone through years of development to bring you the best possible hydration experience.

Hydration can become difficult for disabled, seniors, bedridden, or even medical patients. It doesn’t have to anymore thanks to the POCKETSTREAM.

A Few Words About

Our Team

We are a family-owned business, and as a business we focus on people. We believe people are where the real value of today's society lies.
As a business we are young and full of dreams and visions. As a family we are united. moving to the US from France was an adventure that brought us all together and strengthened our bonds. Our personal experiences whether they might be in engineering (Luc Lagarde), real estate (Dina Lagarde) or as a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (Cyril Lagarde), they all shaped us to be the best version of ourselves.
This is why, at AGAPE MED, we vow to help people, and to produce products and content designed to serve and bring joy into the lives of as many as possible.

Portrait of C.E.O Luc Lagarde

Luc Lagarde

Founder - CEO

Dina Lagarde

HR Manager- Communication

Cyril Lagarde

Marketing- Product Design

Our Values


The POCKETSTREAM is a lifestyle Assistive Technology for everyone. Disabilities, or not there always is a place for additional comforts and improvements. That is why we want to help you transform the task of hydration, into a smooth and exciting experience.


Service is of extreme importance to us at AGAPE MED. Whether it is with our partners, future clients or current ones, being at your service is our goal.
Our product reflects such views with it being solely centred around serving its users.


Assistance doesn't have to be boring !
Usually living a healthier, eco-friendly and assisted life, can be associated with sacrifice and hard choices.
Well, not anymore !
The POCKETSTREAM covers all of it. With its wide supply of reusable straws that fit your every need, its clever system and its capacity to keep you well hydrated, this lifestyle has never been easier !

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